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What is usability?

Quick intro and a few rules…

Krátka prezentácia o tom, čo je to pužiteľnosť a pár pravidiel, ktoré nasledovať pri návrhoch. Prezentáciu som prezentoval v roku 2015.


  1. What is usability? Quick intro and a few rules… Martin Puškáč 26.06.2015, Bratislava
  2. Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use.
  3. Usability is defined by 5 quality components:
    • Learnability: How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?
    • Efficiency: Once users have learned the design, how quickly can they perform tasks?
    • Memorability: When users return to the design after a period of not using it, how easily can they reestablish proficiency?
    • Errors: How many errors do users make, how severe are these errors, and how easily can they recover from the errors?
    • Satisfaction: How pleasant is it to use the design?
  4. Usability means making sure something works well, and that a person of average ability or experience can use it for its intended purpose without getting hopelessly frustrated.
  5. Some rules of usability
  6. First Rule of Usability? Don't Listen to Users Observe them
  7. To design the best UX, pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Self- reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculations about future behavior. Users do not know what they want.
    1. Don’t make me think As a rule, people don’t like to puzzle over how to do things. If people who build a site don’t care enough to make things obvious it can erode confidence in the site and its publishers.
    1. Don’t lose search Some people (search-dominant users), will almost always look for a search box as they enter a site. These may be the same people who look for the nearest clerk as soon as they enter a store.
    1. Don’t Make Users Wait Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, conducted an analysis that showed that a less than 2- second increase of delays in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by -3.8%, lost revenue per user of -4.3% and a reduced clicks by -4.3%
    1. Users still cling to their back buttons There’s not much of a penalty for guessing wrong. Unlike firefighting, the penalty for guessing wrong on a website is just a click or two of the back button. The back button is the most-used feature of web browsers.
    1. We form mental site- maps When we return to something on a Web site, instead of replying on a physical sense of where it is, we have to remember where it is in the conceptual hierarchy and retrace our steps.



Martin Puškáč
Publikované: 26.06.2015 19:53
Naposledy upravené: 18.11.2017 16:55

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