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Night of Chances - UX Tvorba portálu

We, Martin Puškáč and Andrej Gašpar, talked about redesigning an existing portal and basics of UX as part of Accenture/Avanade XD Capability on event called Night of Chances on 23rd of April 2014 in Bratislava.


  1. Tvorba portálu BDC XD Capability 22.04.2014, Night of Chances, Bratislava Andrej Gašpar & Martin Puškáč
  2. Agenda
    • Problem
    • Teams
    • Objectives
    • Get Ready!
    • How does it look?
    • Improvements???
    • Get Ready2!
    • Summary
  3. Problem
  4. Battlefield Status Product owner
    • Skills (UX, UI design, Front-end development)
    • Passion & new thinking
    • Excellent in UI Frameworks
    • Build strong internal team with qualities of expensive external design studios
  5. Objectives
    • People – Team
    • Processes – Requirements – Users (Personas) – User stories Strategy Future
    • Technology – Custom assets and tools – Repository of preauthorized assets and tools – UX Lab
  6. Get Ready!

    Originál vizuál

  7. The winner is?
  8. How does it look? Wireframes

    Nový dizajn

    Nový dizajn - detail

  9. Sitecore overview What is Sitecore? Web-based Content Management System (WCMS) with Online Channel Optimisation. Strengths – Multiple strategic OCO offerings have it well placed as companies try to increase ROI – Good multilingual and multichannel support Weaknesses – Can have a high cost and long implementation time – Not as good for B2E initiatives – Not ideal for LAMP customers
  10. Improvements ???
  12. Sitecore features
    • Page Editor, Content Editor, Desktop • Translation & Localizaion
    • Targeting | Geo/Personalization
    • Mobile | Device Simulation
    • DMS – Executive Insight Dashboard
    • Testing | A/B Test
  13. A/B testing involves testing changes to a web page against the current page elements, content and or design with the goal of improving conversation rates. Testing allows you to perform website optimization without guesswork since all the decisions you make will be based on which ones produce positive results from collected data. Testing – A/B Test
  14. Get Ready!
  15. The winner is?
  16. Demo
  17. Summary
  18. Q&A


Martin Puškáč
Publikované: 22.04.2014 22:38
Naposledy upravené: 22.09.2017 23:56

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